• spring woods
  • a nosegay of violets
  • for the stooping
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Just as we cannot reclaim the past, just as tomorrow is never here, the haiku poet must capture and describe a now-moment in nature, in playful, unrhymed verse.  Usually written in three lines with the middle line slightly longer than the other two, haiku has seventeen or fewer syllables. 

Helen Sherry has been published in many haiku journals, winning awards in the Japan Air Lines Contest, San Francisco International, The World Haiku Contest, The International Haiku Contest, Cicada Crystal Award, and in contests sponsored by the Florida State Poets' Assoc., Ohio Poetry Day, North Carolina Haiku Society, Haiku Poets of Northern California, and the Tallahassee Writers' Association. 

Her work appears in the following books: How to write and Publish Poetry by Dr. Larry Gross, The Blossoming Rudder by H. F. Noyes, Midwest Haiku by Randy Brooks, Haiku Moment by Bruce Ross, Timepieces by David Pribe, and Four Seasons by Koko Kato.

  • birdfeeder
  • both thistle seed
  • and finch flying