Artist and Poet

Helen Sherry is a gifted, multi-talented artist whose paintings have been accepted into juried shows nationally and whose haiku poetry has also won national acclaim, published in prominent haiku journals such as Frog Pond and Modern Haiku

A Pennsylvania native with the desire and determination from early childhood to become a painter, Helen’s first formal art education was at the Columbus (Ohio) College of Art and Design. She has studied with Katherine Chang Liu, Elaine Harvey, Linda Doll, Barbara Nechis and Valford Thelan. 

“I seem to notice color before I see form. Luminosity, or the lack of it, dramatically affects my art and poetry. I am happiest in my Studio surrounded by light, color and the view of distant mountains.”
From Colors of Haiku

As the author of two published works of poetry: Colors of Haiku and Breath of Haiku, she is both an Arts and Letters member of the National League of American Pen Women. 

Helen Sherry views the world through the eyes of a poet, her canvasses filled with dazzling displays of color, her brush guided by her instincts and emotions. 

Special Award 

In March 2009 when Helen earned her Signature Membership in the Texas Watercolor Society, she learned that TWS has a unique system to encourage their Signature Members to improve their skills by entering work into the broad range of juried shows held nationally and regionally. Competition helps in Art as it does in Sports and Business!

TWS does this by assigning points for various achievements in these Shows: 4 to 8 points for acceptance into a juried show of various importance (example: 6 points for most International and National Juried Exhibitions) plus 2 points for each Award received in any Show.

Available are Sagebrush Membership which requires 50 points, and Purple Sage Membership which requires 75 points.

18 months --- 9 International or National Exhibitions --- 4 Regional or Local Shows --- and 9 Awards later, in September 2010, with an accumulated 96 points, Helen successfully earned

Texas Watercolor Society

Purple Sage Signature Membership.

Juried Exhibits 

* indicates Awards
  • North East Watercolor Society International: '09; ’08*; 07
  • Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition: '09
  • San Diego Watercolor Society International: '10*; '09; '08*
  • Northwest Watercolor Society National: ’09; ’06
  • California Watercolor Association National: ’09; '99*
  • Texas Watercolor Society Annual: ’09
  • International Society of Acrylic Painters: '10; '09
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society International: ‘10; ’08*
  • Southwestern Watercolor Society 47th Annual membership Show: '10*
  • National League of American Pen Women Biennial: ‘08*; ‘06*; 04
  • San Diego Art Institute International: ’07
  • Pike’s Peak Watercolor Society International: ‘05
  • San Diego Art Institute Southern California Awards: ‘08*
  • San Diego Watercolor Society Members Shows: ‘10*; ‘09*;  ‘08*; ‘07*; ’06; ‘05* 
  • Alaska Watercolor Society: ‘10*
  • Artist's Magazine 27th Annual Art Competition (published): ‘10*
  • Signature American Watercolor Exhibition (Fallbrook, CA): ‘11


  • California Watercolor Association
  • International Society of Acrylic Painters; ISAP Signature Member
  • National Watercolor Society
  • North Country Society of Fine Arts
  • North East Watercolor Society; NEWS Signature Member
  • Northwest Watercolor Society; NWS Signature Member
  • National League of American Pen Women; Arts and Letters Member
    Past President at State and local levels
  • Rancho Bernardo Art Association
  • San Diego Watercolor Society; SDWS Signature Member
    Past International Exhibit Awards Chairman
  • Southwest Watercolor Association
  • Texas Watercolor Society; TWS-PS Signature Purple Sage Member